NW OES 6.5 SP5 server.

Iprntnw65sp5d.exe implemented.

Nipp420.exe implemented. Choose nipp-s.exe and renamed to nipp.exe for
silent install.

"IP Client unable to install the ip printer". This error on gui window
randomly after XP SP2 pc reboots. Not on all pc's. I can manually
install nipp.exe and iprint client 4.2 installs, no issue. Why?

Iprint.ini contents:
AllowAutoUpdate = 2 ;Get newer iPrint client from Server?
;0 = Don't automatically update client.
;1 = Update client at boot time, prompt user.
;2 = Update client at boot time, don't prompt user.
ShortInstallName = DEFAULT
AllowUserPrinters = 0
UpgradeNDPSPrinters = 0
UpgradeQMSPrinters = 0