After installed OES Novell Netware 6.5 Non-Linux version, I can not add
printer driver into NDPS Broker RMS either by iManager or by Netware

Step to reproduce:
1. Install OES Non Linux Netware 6.5 on server.
2. Type server IP on client PC.
3. Log into as Admin
4. Go to iManager 2.5 -> iPrint
5. Create Broker, Printer, Manager
6. Start up broker and manager.
7. Go to Manage Broker->Resoure Management Service -> Windows XP Drivers
8. Click Add from File

Nothing happens, show error on page on status bar.

9. Go to sys\public\Win32
10. Open nwadmin32
11. Select NDPS Broker -> Details -> RMS -> Add Resources -> Resouces
12. Select Windows 2000 printer drivers
13. Add -> Browse
14. Select printer inf file in hard drive C.
15. click OK

Error message says "Bad Mem Pointer" and Netware administrator crash or