Browser ie 6.0 on Win XP & Win2k
O/S NW6.5 SP3
iManager 2.02

Originally when you went to install a printer using iPrint a message came
up saying The printer is not installed selected printer printername Do
you want to install it now? The printer would install
Then if you double clicked the printer name again it would give you info
on the printer jobs spooled, printer state idle etc.
Installed NW65Sp5 and servers now run edir 87.3.7 ndps 4.05 iPrint
iManager 2.02
post NW65SP5 the message on selecting an installed printer on the iPrint
browser page is
The printer is already installed OK ! and gives no further printer
information (
Can I have the info back please as this is useful for users to see what
is going on with a particular printer.