We have reduced the rights of the DLU in XP to "User" and to allow a
couple of objects to run we have had to use the "run as unsecured user"
option in the Zen object.

The only problem is with printing. We use IPP and PCounter all on Netware
and for some reason, IPP is passing the job as the workstation name not
the NDS user name, therefore PCounter is rejecting the job as the
workstation has no print credit.

I've been working with Altman in the UK to try and find a fix and they
suggested I ask here to see if anyone else has had this issue.

NW 6.5 SP5, PCounter 5.25, Client 4.91SP2 with Patch Kit C, NIPP 4.20

If I run the object normally with more workstation rights and without
using "unsecured user" it all prints fine

Suggestions welcome!