Hi all.

I stumbled upon this in one of the documentations:


Using the Novell iPrint Policy in Conjunction with the Dynamic Local
User or Windows Desktop Preferences Policies: If you are managing user
profiles using the Dynamic Local User or Windows Desktop Preferences
policy, you must rename the native Microsoft Internet Print Provider
(inetpp.dll) registry reference. Renaming this registry reference
ensures that user profiles are properly closed or deleted when users log
out. If user profiles remain open, when users log back in to
workstations, the profile remains locked, causing multiple user accounts
to be created.

<end quote>

Is this something that *will* happen or something that *might* happen?
What about not using volatile user so that user profile is created only
once, and then that profile is being used?

We have some situations for some users where iPrint printers just won't
work (for reasons I can't explain here) and direct IP-printing has to be
used instead. If I rename that registry entry then I cannot set up
ip-printing for those clients, correct?

Timo Pietilš