We have an HP 4050 that is connected to port 1 of an external JetDirect box.
Currently, the printer is setup in iPrint with this command:


The printer has problems printing long documents. For example, when
printing a document that is 115 pages long it will print 20 or 30 pages and
then stop.

This morning an Outlook reminder came up for me to create a test printer
using the following gateway autoload command:


The Outlook reminder was created 3 weeks ago and the only thing that I
remember about this is that the above syntax was something that I read
somewhere that *may* resolve the problem with printing long documents.
Unfortunately, I did not include in the reminder a link to that source
article, and now I can't see why this syntax would make any difference. Can
someone tell me what, if anything, this "RAW1" syntax would solve? Are the
two commands shown above functionally equivalent, or is one preferable to
the other?

Thanks for any help that you can provide.