Hello Everyone,

Weird Problem we have been dealing with for about 2 weeks. Created an
iPrint object to replace NDPS on new server. Setup the driver profile with
paper trays, preprinted, envelopes, etc. Works for a day, the next day, all
that is gone and the settings are greyed out.

On a controlled test box, the settings were installed and the computer sat
UNUSED for 3 days, all the sudden, the settings were lost and items greyed

Running mixed 4.15 and 4.20 iPrint clients

WinXP SP2 Novell Client

Server NW65.Sp5 Broker 3.0.11 Manager 3.01V IBM HS20 BLADE

Printer is an HP 8150 with Envelope feeder and 2000 sheet tray.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance