This has been a reoccurring issue, here are the details:

On certain, random, workstations our HP 800 is so slow to access it appears
that the computer has crashed. It takes 2 - 10 minutes for the printer
properties dialog to appear. AutoCAD crashes completely if trying to print
to the 800 from an effected computer.

This is occurs on Windows 2000 and XP Pro machines.

I've tried copying the Windows spooler files from a machine that works, no

We've migrated from the HP Gateway to the NetWare Gateway, no luck

I've tried every driver I could find, no love.

I've updated the NDPS manager and the problem is not solved.

IPrint does not work for this printer on effected machines.

NetWare Client Updates do not solve the problem.

Setting up a direct TCP port in windows allows the user to print normally.

Reformatting the workstations solves the problem.

Anyone out there encountered this before? Anyone out there running an
DesignJet 800 with NW 6.0 SP 5?

I'd love a solution that doesn't involve reformatting. And the direct TCP
port won't work because we have pre-configured AutoCAD standards that won't
like it.

Thanks all.