We run our iprint servers in a NW65SP5 cluster, using cluster resources to
hold the system nlm's, apache config and ndps folder structures.

We are just implementing a new cluster and found what appears to be a Hard
coded dependency on SYS:NDPS\NDPSGW.LPR...
We were getting FATAL ERROR from NDPSGW and were subsequently unable to
unload the NDPSGW module (when trying to unload it hung the server console...)
The only clue was a reference to NDPS\NDPSGW.LPR on the logger screen, but
given that everything else is on the shared cluster volume we assumed that
it was struggling with rights or something similar.... But no! The only
difference between the nodes that worked and those that didn't was the
Copied one over from 'good node' to 'bad node' and all OK

So, be warned!