I do have a couple of questions...
On the IPP WEB page.. How can you add the IP address to the WEB page. I
know I can add it to the location.

I thought on one of the earlier IP clients that the Comments and
Location got filled in if you placed the information in the "Printer
Control" | "Identification" | "Location" and "Descriptions". I have
messed around with this a couple of times and NO luck. Am I doing
something wrong?

Last issue....
When I added the PCL drivers for a lexmark C524 and started to create a
profile for the printer, I get a Loading Driver Configuration,then I
get a "Script Error" box that has a 'getValue().namedId' is null or
not an object line 240, Char 0: message in it.
I have re downloaded the drivers, I have tried from different PCs and
If I create a Post Script version, it works just fine. The PCL will
install on the PC, but does not print properly or have any profile

Why will PostScript work and not PCL. What am I doing wrong?

TNX Will