I am in the planning stages of deploying iPrint and moving from queue based
printing. I have setup QMS migration for testing and it appears to work
well for directly captured queues. The problem I forsee is with installed
printers on a local port printing to a captured LPT port. The iPrint
client (v04.15.00) detects the capture and prompts to install the assigned
iPrint printer. BUT the original printer, if default, remains as the
default printer. I would have hoped that if the printer with the detected
capture was the default printer, that there would be the option of
automatically setting the corresponding iPrint printer as default. I can
see this causing problems for some users - if i migrate all printers to
ipriont ones they will still have problems printing when the corresponfing
queues are deleted. I know that I can still service the queues via the
iprint printer agent but ideally i would like to remove queue based
printing from the tree. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to
workaround this or point out what i am missing?