We have three printers assigned to a virtual workstation (Citrix). These
are all hosted by the same print server. The printers are named:

SR-HOC-HP1320-TSPA1 (set as the default)

If we set the second printer (SR-HOC-HP2420-TSPA1) as default and then
right click and view it's properties we see the properties for the 1st
server (SR-HOC-HP1320-TSPA1). The same thing happens with the third
printer. If no printer is set as the default printer then there is no issue.

In the iprint.ini file the ShortInstallName = SR-iPrint.

The full URLs for the printers are in excess of 31 characters but we have
other printers with even longer names that don't have this problem.

I have an iPrint trace file but it's too large to post.