iPrint Client 4.15

Last week we rolled out the following hotfixes for Microsoft Office and
Windows XP.


Windows XP

On the same day we started having problems with an HP 4650 that is setup in
iPrint. The printer is using a PCL 6 driver and has been working fine for
about 2 years. Initially, it started throwing PCL errors, so we changed to
a PostScript driver. That worked for about a day, then the printer started
turning out pages of garbage when someone would try to print. So we rolled
back to the PCL 5C driver, but that does not work either. It does not seem
to matter if the user is printing a Word document, a spreadsheet, an email
message, etc. Even a simple test page will cause the printer to spew out
pages of garbage. We've verified that the firmware for the printer and the
JetDirect card are both current.

Finally, I installed a printer through Windows using a standard TCP/IP port.
That seems to work fine. So it appears that removing iPrint from the
process will allow the printer to function correctly, but there is still the
question of what is causing the problem with iPrint. My guess is that one
of the Windows hotfixes is the culprit, but I'm not sure which one it would
be, or how I would go about tracking down that information.

Has anyone heard of any issues between iPrint and one of the hotfixes listed