I noticed that the login name sent from the iprint client (4.20) to the
iprint server (NW6.5SP5 updated with all available patches) gets
truncated after the first dot in the name, making login impossible. I
see this from the LDAP server log, where the search is for "name" instad
of "name.ou1.ou2.o".

Any idea if client of server truncates the name, or how to avoid this

Interestingly, if the Novell Client is installed, the iprint client can
indeed login with the dotted name notation.

What's also working is logging in with LDAP typeful name
(CN=name,OU=OU1,OU=OU2,O=TU), but this would be a nightmare to explain
to our users.

Background: Our users are organised into several dozen containers,
allowing douplicate names (CN). Therefore, users have to login via their
full DN (name.ou1.ou2.o) not their CN (name). iPrint is very strange in
this respect, since the newest version only supports login via search
for the attribute "uniqueid". Therefore we set the uniqueid to the
dotted DN name, i.e. "name.ou1.ou2.o" .

Markus Borst