I am evaluating the 4.20 iPrint client. All of our printers have SSL
turned on and Security set to high. Everything works fine when running on
4.15 version of the iPrint client. As soon as I upgrade to 4.20 the
authentication no longer works when logged into Novell. If I login
workstation only, 4.20 works fine. Do a NetWare Login after that and it
is broken again. If I give iPrint credentials to a user who is not
currently logged in (and still has rights to the printer) it again works

It seems to be something with the client, but I could be wrong. Currently
using 4.91 SP1, have tried 4.91 SP2, 4.91 SP2w/patch C. Again all the

I have noticed that when logged in Workstation Only, the credentials in
the iPrint client all list only the username, instead
of ".CN=Username,OU=Container,O=Org,C=US" and "Username.Container.Org.US"

Client 4.91SP1, 4.91SP2, 4.91SP2c
NetIdentity 1.2.3
ZDM or
NICI (128bit) (2.6.8-2)

There is another computer that I've tested on, that has the same
configuration that I'm testing with that is working. But I can't find
what's right with that one and what's wrong with the other.

I would greatly appreciate ANY help I can get on this.
I would really like to get 4.20 working so I can test out the ICM that's
been released.