I have tried this on both Netware and Linux with the same results.

I have amulti-tray Kyocera printer set up with printer driver defaults to
select the appropriate tray. This works fine when printing from windows,
and the appropriate tray can be selected. When I point iCapture at the
apropriate printer, it prints, but only to the default printer internal
set up (ie instead of printing to tray 2, it comes out of tray 1 whatever
printer is captured, as this is the default setting for the printer with
no profiles set up). I also have a printer captured by normal means onto a
Netware server to which the printer is diredctly attached. This works
fine, and correct trays are used throughout.

As I said, I have tried this on both the Netware and Linux iprint server,
and get the same result each time.

Anyone got any ideas?