I have iprint problems with some of my workstations. Here's the situation:
After login to Netware printers are not available and printing is not
possible. Even a restart doesn't help to solve the problem. So I tried
delete and to reinstall all printers. When I go to the
http://serveraddress/ipp site and click on a printer, an error message
appears after a while of waiting: Error code 10101 - Winsock 10101 -
disconnected. So I tired to search for the problem with iptrace.

After iptrace was disabled again, I had a lot of log-files to examine. After
a while I saw an error message in this folders
"NDPS\Users\username\wmrundll.exe\" which says:

[00000C88 : 317776ms][NIPPLIB] - HTTPReadResponseHeader - bad HTTP
status (405)
[NIPPLIB] - HTTP 405 - Methode nicht zulässig.
[00000C88 : 332698ms][NIPPLIB] - TCPRecv - failed to recv (socket 1508)
[NIPPLIB] - Winsock 10101 - Getrennt.
[username][thrd=00000C88][ 332718ms][NIPPLIB] - HTTPDoRecv - failed to
recv (error=10101)
[username][thrd=00000C88][ 332718ms][NIPPLIB] - HTTPReadResponseHeader -
failed to recv (error=10101)
[username][thrd=00000C88][ 332718ms][NIPPLIB] -
GetPrinterStatusFromNetwork - IppSendSimpleRequest FAILED
[username][thrd=00000C88][ 332718ms][NIPPLIB] - TCPDisconnect socket=1508
[username][thrd=00000C88][ 332718ms][NIPPLIB] -
GetPrinterInfoWithGoodStatus - GetPrinterStatusFromNetwork FAILED
[username][thrd=00000C88][ 332718ms][NIPPLIB] - IppCreatePrinterRef -
GetPrinterInfoWithGoodStatus FAILED

So this is why no printer is found, but what is the reason and how can I
solve it?
I also read TID 10100477, but I guess that's not the problem, because this
problem is only on three workstations of fourty...