We have iPrint working great. Using ZEN 7SP1 policies to distribute the
iPrint client and all of the printers. It's a pure IPRINT setup.

iPrint Client 4.20
Novell Client 4.91 SP2
Windows 2000 (patched)
NetWare 6.5 SP5 + post patched including iPrint

We are running into one small glitch. When the user prints from one
specific application, the job prints fine. However, at that moment,
something goes haywire and a lot of strange things happen on the

- Other apps can't print to iPrint printers
- Other apps crash attempting to print
- Printer properties results in "Device settings cannot be displayed.
The driver for the specified printer is not installed. Only spooler
properties will be displayed. Do you want to install the driver now?"
- Cannot remove the printer displaying these problems.
- Seems to spread to other iPrint printers as well, but it's hard to
nail down why or how.
- Rebooting does not fix it.
- Sometimes you have to REGHACK and remove all references of the iprint
printer to clear it up.

I have narrowed it down to what i believe is an IPRINT client problem.
This problem does not affect NDPS printers, nor Queue based printers,
nor does it affect a printer that is configured with direct IP. It is
also isolated to the workstation.

The application is one written by "Hansen" for a city municipality
environment (www.hansen.com).

Any thoughts? Thanks.