Production server running iPrint manager and broker. When uploading a
new driver I get an error within imanager:

Exception saving resource print drivers configuration
NDPS library error category: 1969994h
Other error: FFFFFc50h

iManager is running on a different server in a different tree.

I can run use this same imanager to upload the same driver to a test
tree/server, so I figure its not the iManger install thats at fault.

Both test and production iPrint servers have IPX bound (seen mention of
IPX being a problem in other threads). Both are running nw65sp5, with
iprintnw65sp5d. I have verified all the iPrint modules are from sp5d.
I have seen mention iprntnwpcsp12c.exe fixing this issue but its not
for nw65sp5.

Any ideas please?