We have started the process in switching over from using the NT printer policy to the iPrint printer policy. My NDPS system is running on a NW6 sp5 box. The iManager system is set up on a Netware OES sp5 and this is where I make all of the iPrint changes. The client running on the stations is 4.20.

I have a test environment set up and working fine. Everything is configured through the ZEN workstation policy which is assigned to a container that is full of workstations.

For example I have a TEST container with WS1, WS2, WS3, etc.. workstations.These workstations are working just fine with the exception that the iPrint client would not auto install.

The first production lab that we are trying we could not get the client to auto install so we manually installed on the 30 stations and have the ZEN policy to run on system startup. Nothing is installing on any of these machines. Any ideas would be great. THanks!