I work as an analyst for a printing company. Without hardly any knowledge
of IPrint this was asked of me from a analyst out in the field: Installing
a new set of printer drivers :

The symptom is that we only get one set printing out, regardless of the
quantity we select for printing. This has occured in Word, Excel, Outlook
email, and Acrobat Reader, so it doesn't appear to be application specific.
they select eight, they get one. They select two, they get one.
Consistently, not intermittently, and from any workstation and from any

The way they're set up, is a NetWare 6.0 sp5 server, and the printer is set
up in IPrint. They're using the Novell Gateway, using LPR (both
"PASSTHROUGH" and "lp" queue names have been tried, same result), the
drivers are uploaded to the Broker object and they've tried both PCL and
Postscript drivers, same outcome.

I've walked them through deleting the printer on a workstation, completely
scrubbing the driver (Printers window, File menu, Server Properties,
Drivers tab, delete all instances of driver, including Document Centre 480
driver which the previous printer was) and reinstalling fresh. Same
outcome, just one set prints.
Any thought anyone?