I am getting ready to move all printers from a standalone server to a
I have a new broker setup that mirrors exactly to existing broker/resdir.
The problem I have is as follows:
- I am using a DNS hostname (hqiprint.domain.com) to resolve ip address
of iPrint server Server.

- The IP address will change and we'll make the change in DNS

- The broker and manager are loaded on the cluster server using the
server host file to resolve (hqiprint.domain.com) the IP address of the
new iprint server. I'm doing this because our DNS server is still
pointing to our existing print server.

- I can move the printer in iManager from the Existing Manager to the
new manager without issue.

- The problem is that users workstations contact the existing NDPSM
which now doesn't have the moved printer installed anymore. This
results in the iPrint client deleting the printer because it sees it as
a printer that the Administrator deleted.

Does anyone have some insight on how I can move the printers to the new
Manager, shut down the old manager, change DNS to point to the new
ipaddress, all without having the workstations that are on automatically
delete their installed printers.