I am receiving this error when attempting to print receipts through a 3rd
party point of sale application. All group rights to the POS terminals
still show correct, but printing to the NDPS receipt printer hangs the app
with this error for a couple of group members (not all). I've deleted and
recreated the print objects (queue, agent, and printer) and double-checked
all rights for the group. I've also noticed that while iManager shows the
correct print manager association for all printers, the nwadmn32 printer
object "print manager association" field is blank for the non-functional
printers, while the functional ones display the correct print manager. The
network tree was split in Feb. of this year, and groups were able to print
as before without problem, but recently this condition has popped up
without an event to pin it to. The old tree utilized ZFD2, but from what
I understand with the new Small Business Suite, ZFD2 connections cannot be
repaired once lost (and remote desktop management is hit and miss for some
workstations) and is not supported anymore. Is there a workaround outside
of Zenworks to re-establish those permissions? iManager reports those
printers fully functional, and W2K will print test pages. Any info will
help. Thanks!