Hi all.

I might have revealed an bug in iPrint/novell client authentication.

This is how to reproduce it:

Use secure printer.
Clear password from iprint tray icon.

With this iPrint client causes authentication window to pop up, even
that authentication which it gets from Novell client goes thru (after
about one minute wait between desktop appearing and login script
running) and you can print.

It might be that iPrint client is trying to authenticate to printer with
cached password (which it doesn't have because we just cleared
passwords) before it gets correct credentials from novell client.

Weird thing is that if I now remove printer being secure from iManager
iPrint client still gives me that authentication window at boot time.

Can anyone confirm what I am experiencing? If this is common phenomenon
then there is bug in iPrint/novell client co-operation.

Iprint client version 4.20
Novell client 4.91SP2 with most patches.

Timo Pietilš