Hi iPrint team,

I refer to this correspondence on this newsgroup from me to you and your
reply -


Charles Short wrote:

> NW65 SP5
> MAC OS 10.4.5
> Secure iPrint client
> We have a multi user environment for each managed Mac.
> For every user that logs into a Mac an instance of the iprint-
>listener process is started as the logging in user. At logout any
>process owned by the current user should be cleared by the

loginwindow >process. However the iprint-listener processes do not get
terminated >leaving the Mac in a slightly untidy state.

iPrint Linux wrote:

Thanks for finding this bug. I have entered a bug report and hopefully
I'll have time to get it fixed for the next Mac client release. (Not
that it'll be a hard fix, it just that there are a few higher-priority
fixes that are being worked on).


We are keen to get this bug fixed so we can run the client in our
managed Mac environment.
We are also very keen to be part of any beta testing program for the
client to help development.


Charles Short

Cambridge University Computing Service