I have a need to allow certain people to clear print queues. My issue is
that Operator appears to gives away too many rights (based on the help and

Copied from the help for Operator:

a.. Performing all of the functions available through the Printer Control

b.. Pausing, restarting, or reinitializing printers

c.. Reordering, moving, copying, and deleting jobs

d.. Setting printer defaults, including locked properties

e.. Configuring print job spooling

Does printer control page above refer to the printer control tab in iManager
(and only the printer control sub item) or is it to everything available
under the printer control tab (printer control, identification, jobs &
retained jobs)?

Does configuring print job spooling mean they can change the volume used for
spooling on the server (iManager-configuration-spooling)? If not, what does
this actually allow them to do?

All they need is the ability to clear the print jobs.