We have the following problem with Iprint on our terminal servers:

Occasionally print jobs stay in the local spooler on and are not send to
the printer. Also users don't get a message that the document is
succesfully printed.

Other users connected with other terminal servers can print to the same
Iprint printers without any problem. Also users with a PC can print to
the same Iprint printers.

So the problem is (I think) the combination of Iprint with Windows 2003
terminal server.

We can resolve the problem (for a while) by stopping and starting the
spooler and removing the printjobs in the Q. Sometimes even a restart of
the server is required.

We have the following configuration:
Windows Terminal server 2003 SP1
Iprint client 4.15
Netware 6.5 SP5
ZEN for desktops 6.5 SP2