NW65 sp5, 49sp2 with latest post sp's. XP sp2. I am experiancing an issue
with XP only users and printing pdf documents. We use a student management
system that gives the user reports in pdf to be printed. When the action to
print is pressed it can take up to a minuet for the printjob to start. This
is Adobe version 7.08. I can at the same time print via any Microsoft
product and it works immediatly while still waiting for the pdf to print. I
can take the users previous Win2k sp4, 4.9 sp2 system and do the same
routine. Except the PDF prints almost immediatly as it should. The problem
did not occur until the users workstation was replaced. I even tried to see
if it was an Adobe version issue. I downgraded the system with version 5.5
with the same results. The printers are controlled access using the Novell
gateway. I have installed the XP drivers via Imanager. I have also tried to
use Iprint as a printing method wityh the same results. Any suggestions?