server: OES NetWare 6.5sp5 all iPrint/NDPS patches appliied
Client: Dell LAPTOPS (all Latitudes) Windows XP Client 4.91 fully patched
Printers: toshiba 351 and 451 MFP

We use printer groups to assign access to Controlled Access NDPS printers
and use Remote Printer Management to automatically install and update
these printers on all workstations. On our desktops it works
flawlessly. Our laptops however are 1)not getting any toshiba printers
installed when they should and 2)having them removed upon login if the
printer exists. If the same account logs into a desktop system it works
likeit should. i have manually loaded all required printers and ensured
the clients are fully up to date with no luck.

To throw a twist in we also have one HP8100 that the entire office has
access to and even when the Toshiba printers are missing on the laptops
the HP 8100 is still there and fully functional. It is also installed
via a group and NDPS.

Any ideas?