Using iManager I have created a printer object, created a Print Driver
Profile, which is associated to the printer object. ipp printing has been
enabled for this printer object, which I can download to the client via
IE. The print driver profile is applied successfully.

However, when I install the printer via NDPS during the user login (used
RPM to assign printer object to download to an OU the user is in), it
installs successfully, but does not apply the print driver profile. In
the message box, when installing the driver, it displays an error
message 'Refreshing user: \\NW65\user.test.lab....This object does not
have Remote Printer Management installed/setup' So, is this part of the
problem or is the printer driver profile only supported for iPrint or
some other issue.

I'm using NW65 OES SP2 and client v4.91 sp2.