All our user work AS USER in the XP. (not admin and not poweruser).

Before nw65sp5 all work.
All printer have access in SECURE MODE.

Aplly NW65SP6. and have BIG Problems:
1. Any user can not print to the iprint. !! iprint-agent ask aganin and
again username/ password and always write:
incorrect psswword.

For temporary resolver this problem i do:
reconfugre prnters to the LOW securiry and disable security printing.

But, after this have other problems:
2. user can print, but:
2.1 after print one job printed one page with info:
PCL6 ERROR - Incompete Session by time out
POSITION : 0x17f95 (98197)
SYSTEM : XLPGP/os_hook
LINE : 1937
VERSION : PCL6 3.38 10-12-2004
2.2 imanager again ask username/password, reply: incorrect.... but

Any suggestion, please..

This and with new 4.26 iprint client and with older agent.