My network is a Novell SBS 6.5 sp1 tree with 3 servers:

1. Border Manager
2. GroupWise (NAT)
3. WEB (NAT) - Apache 2, MySQL ver. 4.0.15a, PHP 4.2.3.

On the second server is installed the traditional \ old (non NDPS) print server to which parallel ports are attached 2 printers. Im looking for replacing one of them with a printer that will work with iPrint.

My questions are:

1. Is it possible to install the iPrint on the same machine with the old \ traditional (non NDPS) print server? It is possible to keep the old print server on that machine and to install the iPrint on other machine on the same tree? Will both print server work on same machine or will they work on different machines on same Tree?
2. I found HP printers on the HP web site with the HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet Embedded Print Server specification. Will such printer work with iPrint?