I have a 2 server NW6.5 SP5 system with BM 3.8. iPrint works perfectly
internally - it was nearly all configured because we used to use ndps.

I am trying to get access to the printers externally and without much
success even after having done some packet sniffing.

Is there a document anywhere which actually tells you all the things that
you need to to get external access? I have the iPrint web page showing up
but cannot get printers to download (winsock 10060 cant connnect). The
iPrint printer driver delivery system seems to be trying to connect on
port 8080 via an external IP address that is valid but unexpected (used
for C2S VPN). Does one need ports 3396, 524 and 427 open for this as well
as 631 as there seems to be traffic on these ports.

I see from the forums that you have to edit the Apache confd file and add
a Listen on port 631 (where does it say that in any TID or manual??) as
well as adding filter exceptions. But how do you know what IP address the
printer install link is going to use?

I thought that I had a vague idea how to do this stuff but I am going
round in circles at the moment.

Max Dale