I know others have had this problem, so I'd like to share what I've

Recently, we upgraded our copiers to Canon ImageRunners because we would
gain a lot of nice features, primarily, we can theoretically print from
the desktop. We're leasing all 12 of our machines, and thus we must
keep track of print jobs and bill on a departmental level -- this is
key, because it rules out Novell print auditing.

ALL features work using iCM / driver profiles. With the exception of
Job Accounting, the single most important feature in my environment. I
haven't been able to deploy a single printer because this doesn't
function. I finally got my copier people to get on the ball and call
THEIR tech support at Canon (supposedly better than the rest of us are
privy to).

The bottom line, from the Canon TSR: Canon does not support iPrint /
Novell, and in fact, Canon does not support ANY automated delivery
method for their printer / copiers.
His recommendation? Install, on each PC, directly from the CD.