I'm trying to allow users outside the BM firewall the ability to insall
printers and print using iPrint.
I have and NW Small biz server with two nics.

the www address resolves to the external NIC which is connected to a DSL
router and then on the net.

I've created a custom map and the URL on the printer is
ipp://www,mydomain.com/printername etc.

If I go to my map page and click on the printer icon I can install the
printer on the inside of the LAN.

If I go to the URL from outside the LAN and click on the printer it times
out. This is even with the MB firewall is down.

Its like there is a routing or proxy issue between the outside of the LAN
and the inside. I've got the dsl router to forward port 631 to the public
nic of BM.

In short the www.mydomain.com etc on the printer icon inside the lan works
bu on the outside it times out.

I hope this makes sense.