Hi there,

Running iPrint a year without any problems when suddenly the following
problem occurs:

when printing from any application there's a 15 seconds delay.
Started a trace with Ethereal, it showed that a WINS/DNS server was
queried for resolving an ipp address (strange, this is already an ip
address and not a name).
At last it knows to find the manager and the the printing goes fine.
When I look in the workstation registry I've noticed that there is a \\
in front of the ipp:/ address.

When I leave the dns field blank in the tcpip configuration there's no
When I print to the same printer but now using ndps, there is no delay.
When I install the ipp printer through the control panel, there is also
no delay. Only the use of the iprint map makes a printer that begins with

Where is this \\ coming from?
How can I change the name resolution within Windows (not the Novell

Workstation Windows 2000 SP4 with iPrint client 4.26
Netware OES Netware 6.5
ZenWorks 7

Thans in advance,