Hello NG,

i have a NW6.5 SP6 Server with iManager 2.6.

When in use iPrint Broker Manager and i like to add a Printer Driver, there
comes a Message.

For access to this Functin you need to install the latest iPrint Software
V4.15 or later.

What ist the meaning of this.

I have to update the PLUGIN for iManager?
Or i have to Update the iPrint (NDPSM.NLM and so on .....)?

Just i have downloaded the latest PLUGIN of iPrint for iManager 2.5 & 2.6
but when i try to install this software, iManager told me this Software is a
not valid.

It ist the File: iPrint for NetWare Servers.npm - 3.553kB - 18. April 2006

So i'm wondering ...

Kind Regards
Jens Geier