I had to rebooted my two node novell cluster which is netware 6.5 SP5.

The cluster has comw up with everything working as it should (groupwise
and zenworks) however I am unable to reach
http://<server.ip.address>:631/ipp. through my web browser.

I have tried putting in the cluster volume name instead of the ip address
but still no joy.

I can access imanager and remote manager on both cluster nodes no problem.

The other strange thing, since the reboot of the cluster, noone can print
through iprint now.

when sending a print job to a iprint printer the job is held in the
spooler (windows) and not passed to the ndps manager. The job remains
there until deleted.

NDPS manager and broker appear to be loaded correctly with no errors
showing. TCPIP direct printing works fine also.

Any ideas would be very very welcome.