Hello all,

This is a bit out there....:)

I have 1 iPrint server (ndpsm and broker). This server serves printers for 3 schools that are all in the same building (elementary, jr high, and sr. high).

Right now, if anyone wants to install a printer, they get a list of every printer that the server has by going to http://serveraddress/ipp.

Is there a way that the system can automatically create a location list on 1 iprint server for multiple locations? In other words, I would like to somehow automatically populate a Elementary, JR High, Sr High page so that they only get printers of their own building. I do not want to do all the coding for this as we seem to move printers weekly. If it were a "set it and forget it" print environment, I would have no problem coding pages manually.

I do not like the maps option because we do not have maps. Plus it still is a manual process.