we moved our iprint/ndsp from netware to oes linux with the migration
wizard. iPrint is installed on a clustered volume.
Our printer HP Designjet 755CM (Plotter) is not more able to print. Printer
Agent looks OK and also we are able to start the print jobs, also displayed
in iManager. But: Never a job will be printed out and stays all the time in
the queue.
We tried a lot and changed configuration -commands:
iprintgw PORT=RAW HOSTADDRESS=x.x.x.x. will show the printer OK. We tried
out also PASSTHROUGH and PRINT - without success. With old configuration the
command was NDPSGW PORT=LPR Hosadress=x.x.x.x. Printername=Passthrough
We also replaced the internal jetdirect card with an external printserver -
without success.
Any help will highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.