I'm experiencing the problem where some iPrint printers will remove themselves from workstations after installing NW65 SP6. I found TID 3111078 which directs me to check the Deleted Printer Agent Redirection page for that print manager and remove the affected printers from the list. The only problem is that whenever I try to pull up either the Printer Agent Redirection or the Deleted Printer Agent Redirection oages, I get the following error:

Exception reading manager information
NDPS Library Error: 700002h

How do I get around this so I can correct this problem? I am running NW65 SP6 on the affected server, with the latest NDPSGW.NLM from TID 2974745 (to correct the other iPrint problems). iManager is on a separate server, running SP6 and updated with the SP6 plugins. iManager version is Version 2.6.0 (20060825_1714) with Support Pack iMan26_2_20060825.