2 clustered Netware 6.5 servers each with SYS:
1 shared volume on shared scsi SAN with one VOL1: with NDPS being utilized
from there. The NDPS configuration (pointing the shared volume) must be
right because NDPS and iPrint working great and failing over great....

I have two persisting problems - had it with sp4b and still with sp6, and
they may be related:

1) I can't set any Printer Notifications in Netware Administrator:
When I select the Printer, highlight "Default Printer" and hit the
[Configuration] button, there is _no_ "Notifications" tab. When I choose
the [Access Control] button and highlight a Current Manager name I hit the
[Notifications] button and get error 275. I believe all the right ENS
methods are loaded in the Broker and the "Supported Service List" on the
console supports that. What do I do to get this all working?

2) Of possible related effect is an "Error (136) occurred while accessing
the NDPS Manager" occurs when we down the primary server.

I have spent days on this and your help would be greatly appreciated Your
help is greatly appreciated