After upgrading to NW6.5SP6 from NW6.0SP5 we seem to have alot more problems
with the printerqueues then before.

Jobs get stuck in the queue and won't print, when I check the printers it
seems OK and status is reported OK, if I check the agent it says "LPR
Communication Failed", we get that one often: LPR Communication Failed....
We have about 130 printer agents and most of them work fine but some we have
to restart several times per day now, and I don't mean just the printer
agent, we have to restart the printer or printerserver to get it to print
from NDPS. Most of our printers are HP running internal or external
JetDirect printservers.

We are running the updated NDPSGW.NLM.

The Gateway health reports error codes like Error: 32 and else but I don't
know what they mean...