"The handle is invalid" is the message that I get when I print from Notepad
to any HP printer in the office. Workstation is XPsp2, NWClient is 4.91 sp3.
I can't print from any application to any HP device. Trying to print test
pages from the Properties dialog box returns "Test page failed to print".

All of the devices are NDPS working throught the HP Gateway. The issue is
isolated to my computer and only to the HP printers. No one else is having
this issue. I can print without error to any of the Canon devices on the
network from my workstation (not a blanket prblem effecting all printing). I
can login to any workstation and print to the HP devices fine.(not a rights
issue or a Manager, Broker or Gateway issue).

The issue started 2 months ago. I had to hard reset the server that
contained the Manager and Broker. My workstation was logged into the server
at the time of the reset. It's the only thing that I can think of.

I've tried installing lesser clients after removing all printers. I've tried
erasing entries from the registry. I've searched the internet. Nothing has
worked so far. I'm hoping not to have to reinstall the workstation. You know
how many programs are packed into an admin's workstation.

Any help you be great. Thanx Andy