5 server farm running metaframe xp
the servers are just in a work group. the environment is totally
controlled via gpo's through zen works . the full desktop is delivered by
it is a nal shell with delivered apps in the window. the users are
controlled via a dlu policy that is volatile - so the user logs in and
then everything gets zapped when they leave

the printers i am force running a nal controlled by groups that are
IPRNTCMD -a ipp://printguy/horribledevice

these seem to work ok but i am concerened that it is squirting down
everytime - is there anyway without the use of enabling a roaming profile
that i can stop this squirt - basically what i want is a basic check of
the printer.

oh just to throw abit in about why no icm (may work) - the nals i am using
only run if on a terminal server so that they dont effect the user if on a
pc but only in a citrix session.

or will i need to say sod it and use a roaming profile in the home drive
but limitied what is held in here so it is only the root files