OK. I have found that workstation printers will collate (with hotfixes
884897 and 893225 and lastest iPrint client) - but user printers do

That is the setting in the iprint.ini file on the server - and changing
the value of 'allowuserprinters'.

We run with this set to 1. I found that an workstation admin user
could collate, where as a limited user could not. Changing the value
to 2 mean't it did not work for an local admin user either....

I'm guessing there is something in the registry that if different for a
user printer and a workstation printer - so this maybe a 'rights'
problem in the registry?

(Also there is an issue I have placed with NTS regarding rights that
users have to printers that are installed via a policy, with the
allowuserprinters set to zero, and yet a limited rights user can still
delete the printer! Not that crucial since when the policy runs again
it adds the printer back again - but the settng of zero seems to be

Any help would be appreciated.