On the iPrint policy page of a Zen workstation policy package, it says in
the help that the iprint client exe must be in its own directory. I am
wondering if this is really necessary? I have noticed that our printers
are "usually" pushed down at user login (the iprint client has been
previously installed) even if \SYS\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\nipp.exe is
listed in the path field.

I say "usually" because everything has been working for a while and now
suddenly we are seeing sporadic cases of printers not being pushed down at
user login. We are delivering printers via workstation policy packages.
Even Novell support can't explain it.

This is not the only issue wea re having, and I realize this may be asking
a lot but I am hoping someone can help with at least one of our issues,
which are:

1. Printers delivered via workstation packages do not always push down, if
I open wmsched I can see the policy, I can click Run Now and the printers
will come down fine. Often the user will just restart the workstation and
the printer will install.

2. We can push printers down using a User Policy package, but using both
the User pack (to push down printer A) and Workstation pack (to install
printer B) is unreliable. Sometimes printer A is installed but not B,
sometimes B is installed but not A. Novell support is baffled by this.

3. Our third issue is setting up ACLs on printer objects to control who
can install a printer from the iPrint page, or who can print to the
printer. Using iManger I have added the proper users to the User role of
the printer but any uer can still install and print to the printer. We
are currently using .htaccess files to control access to the iPrint page.

We are using NW 6.5 SP5, iPrint client 4.16 and Zen 6.5 SP2.

Any help would be appreciated.