I thought that the password functionality worked as follows -

If you select remember password when you first authenticate with the
iPrint client, Windows XP will remember your password, and store it
encrypted in the registry, until such a time in the future that you
chose to clear this password cache with the iPrint client settings.

Not so any more.

It appears that my Novell client (4.91 SP2) is passing the iPrint client
the credentials on login when you have chosen fot the iPrint client NOT
to remember the password.
I have tested this several times as follows -

1) clear the iPrint password cache
2) try to print to test that the iPrint authentication box pops up
proving the password is no longer cached (not authenticating)
3) logging out of Windows XP
4) log into Windows XP with the Novell Client (authenticating to the tree)
5) try to print, which works without being prompted for authentication.
6) checking the iPrint client settings and verifying that the password
is indeed cached.
7) repeat steps 1 to 3
8) log into workstation only (not authenticating to the tree)
9) try to print, which produces the iprint authentication box.

Is this correlation between the Novell Client an iPrint client intended?

If so there are surely implications. Not everyone wants their password
stored in the registry.
What happens if the tree you are printing to is not the tree
authenticated to on login?
The remember password tick box on the iprint client is therefore

and so on....

Please can someone clarify the situation