I have a number of different Netware servers for the various schools in
our District. These servers host both file and print shares, etc. As a
test we have upgraded only one server with NW65sp6 and for the most part
it is stable except for printing. I have applied all the post sp6 patches
for NDPS Manager and Gateway and still have many printers, on a daily
basis, refusing to print jobs. They stop for no reason and must be
shutdown and then restarted in order to get things working again. All
Netware servers at SP5 continue to work flawlessly at printing. After
talking with support personnel at the buildings affected, most jobs appear
to stop after some type of printer error/interruption. Printer runs out of
paper. paper jam, toner needs replaced, etc. It seems recovery from these
simple everyday happenings kills that printer until restarted. 99% of our
printers are HP's and we use only the Novell gateway. My questions are: Is
this happening to you? and Has anyone tried just backreving only NDPS
NLM's to SP5 to solve the problem?