I have a number of issues with iPrint.

1. I create a secure Printer and I've tried Passthrough and Port 9100 with
the same effect. It doesn't ask for a password, just comes up with an LPR
Communication failed error.
2. I have an HP Deskjet which supports Duplex. I added the correct drivers
from HP's site and installed them into the Broker, but when I install the
printer from ipp, it doesn't offer Duplex. If I then Update the driver
using the same software I downloaded from HP. then I DO get Duplex printing
3. I have another customer who has installed a Secure Printer which seems
to work in the Office, but from outside the Firewall, even with all the BM
filters removed, he gets a Winsock error 10060

Server have SP5 and SP6 and latest patch for iPrint on SP6 and every one
give exactly the same results!

There seems to be a number of problems with secure printing over IPP.

Anyone have any suggestions / similar problems or is it just me doing
something wrong?